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Adaptive Sports Product Development

I'm Co-Director of Trinity Creative Ltd. Developed in a huge range of real world cycling conditions, our range of adaptive sports products are made to individual needs to be simple and effective.  We work with the people who use our products, building years of experience into every solution.

Mk1 Trinity Creative arm brace.jpeg

Mk1 Brace to support riders with a paralysed arm. 

Designed with Tom Wheeler.

For mountain biking and off-road motorcycling. 

Designed in Fusion 360. 

Produced using polymer additive manufacture, CNC machining and carbon fibre moulding. 

Working with development rider, Josh for motocross applications. 

Products tested in extreme environments. 

gas out-EDIT.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 5.02.58 PM (3).jpeg

Quick release mechanism developed. 

Allows bilateral control of the bike.

Manual release and emergency release in case of an accident. 

Development rider, Chris. 

Product adapted for riders with upper limb difference.

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